The Pros & Cons of Marble Backsplash

Marble’s soft and porous nature makes it a polarizing topic in the world of kitchen design. Although it offers stunning visuals, it can be prone to scratching and staining in a way that most other stone options aren’t. However, utilizing marble for your kitchen’s backsplash rather than the countertop allows you to incorporate the unrivaled aesthetics of marble without as much concern for potential damage. Although it is still a slightly higher-maintenance option, the design possibilities and aesthetic enhancement that marble offers are like no other. If you’re renovating your Anaheim kitchen, consider these pros and cons of a marble backsplash before choosing your product.

Pros of a Marble Backsplash

By far the biggest reason why people desire a marble backsplash is its luxurious look and feel. Marble is a stone associated with elegance, class, and timelessness. It adds a bright and airy quality to any room, and its distinct appearance is unreplicated in any other natural stone. It can add a stunning contrast to dark cabinets or provide even more light to a contemporary, all-white kitchen. It pairs well with modern gray finishings that have risen in popularity recently, so marble can suit any design from timeless tradition to ultra-modernity. 

Additionally, innovations in stone engineering and mining processes are resulting in durable marble products that are more suitable for kitchen use, such as Best Cheer Stone’s White House Collection. Our exclusive Namib Fantasy marble has an exponentially lower water absorption rate than the average marble stone product, which makes it highly stain-resistant and perfect for kitchen use. It is also highly durable and resistant to breaking or crushing, with durability testing results more similar to granite than other marble products. If you love the look of marble but have been hesitant to install it in your kitchen, Namib Fantasy from the White House Collection is the perfect solution.

Cons of a Marble Backsplash

One reason why some homeowners stay away from marble backsplashes is because they require regular care in order to keep them looking pristine. Their light color means that any splashes or spills will be very apparent. Luckily, a marble backsplash is easy to clean when needed. Warm water and dish soap can be used for most messes, and extra stubborn stains can be cleaned with a mixture of baking soda and water. 

Another con of marble backsplashes is their need to be sealed regularly. Marble, like other stones, needs to be sealed in order to perform optimally. This seal provides a barrier between the stone and whatever acidic food may come into contact with it, preventing permanent stains and discoloration. Although re-sealing your stone may seem like a hassle, it is a quick and affordable process that you can even perform yourself.

If you’re looking for a luxurious stone material to add the perfect finishing touch to your new kitchen, Best Cheer Stone’s marble tiles are a premium choice. Our exclusive White House collection offers you two incredible marble varieties that are uniquely suited for kitchen use: Namib Fantasy and Carrara Marble. From traditional 12×12 tiles to intricate mosaic designs, you can customize your kitchen and bring your design dreams to life. To view our extensive selection of marble tiles and mosaics, stop by our Anaheim showroom or give us a call today at (714) 399-1588.

Why You Should Choose Slab for Your Granite Countertop

Granite is one of the most sought-after countertop materials for Atlanta residents due to its durability, beauty, and easy maintenance. Granite is an investment that can last forever if it’s taken care of properly, which is why you always want to make sure that the countertop you’re choosing is of the highest quality and suits your needs perfectly. While prefabricated countertops can be a good option for some due to their affordability, they are very limited in their size and design possibilities. For a perfect fit in your forever home, choose slabs over prefab for your granite countertop.

Bigger Sizes

One of the primary reasons that homeowners and contractors choose granite slabs is because of the greater range of sizing. Prefabricated pieces only come in industry-standard sizes, so if your counters fall outside of these exact dimensions, slabs will be the way to go. Slabs also allow you to have fewer seams on your countertop, creating a more aesthetically pleasing finish. With prefab granite, multiple pieces that are cut and seamed together can create an eyesore, and you will likely have mismatched designs where the seam is. However, cutting a custom countertop from a granite slab will allow you to have a seamless finish that is precisely tailored to your kitchen or bathroom.

Greater Customization

Not only do granite slabs allow you more sizing options, but they also provide you with more options for colors and edging as well. Most prefabricated countertops come with a bullnose edge detail, limiting your possibilities in achieving your desired look. With granite slabs, your contractor can provide you with the exact edge detail you desire, whether that’s a bullnose, bevel, square, or anything else. You also have a greater range of colors available to you when you choose from slab materials. The number of stone products available in prefab is going to be significantly less than those available in slabs, even if prefab inventory is extensive. The best way to guarantee that every detail of your home is exactly the way you like it is to take advantage of the greater customization options available through granite slabs. 

Get Two for One

Even if large countertops are not your primary concern, granite slabs can be advantageous because they allow you to potentially get two countertops from one slab. With granite slabs, you can cut a countertop and a vanity from one stone, creating a perfectly cohesive design across both home finishings. Although prefab is known for its affordability, utilizing slabs in this way can make them an economical choice that gives you more bang for your buck. Speak to your contractor about this possibility and how you can cut your slab to create more than one countertop.

From specific seam placement to customized dimensions, slabs offer you greater control over the finished product than prefabricated options. The exceptional quality and unparalleled versatility of granite slabs make them the obvious choice for those seeking a premier stone countertop solution for their kitchen or bathroom renovation. As the nation’s largest vertically-integrated stone manufacturer and distributor, Best Cheer Stone’s inventory is a cut above the rest and guaranteed to find you your perfect match. If you would like to browse our inventory or find out more about stone slabs, stop by our showrooms in Atlanta and throughout the country or give us a call at (404) 996-2178.

How to Choose Your Perfect Bathroom Vanity

Bathrooms are one of the most popular rooms to renovate due to their ability to significantly increase property value. If you’re planning to undertake a bathroom renovation in your Dallas home, one crucial aspect that you’ll need to consider is your new bathroom vanity. Whether you want a simple prefab stone vanity option or an extravagant custom creation, Best Cheer Stone has all of the stone and cabinetry materials you need to bring your design dream to life. Before you invest in your materials, however, it’s important to consider these three crucial factors in order to choose your perfect bathroom vanity. 

Consider the Appropriate Size

There’s a famous carpentry proverb that says “measure twice, cut once.” You always want to make sure that you know exactly how much space you have and what size you need for your given room. The first step to choosing any vanity is to assess whether you want a single vanity or a double vanity and how much room you have to work with for either. Our prefab stone vanities come in either single or double sizes, ranging from 36” to 72” in length. We also offer stone slabs that can be custom cut to the exact size needed if your vanity requires custom dimensions.

Pick Complementary Cabinetry

Best Cheer Stone’s exclusive line of Koville Cabinetry gives you the creative freedom to customize your bathroom within your budget. With dozens of different vanity products and eight different finishes, you can find a vanity that complements your bathroom’s tone and decor. From traditional white shakers to rich, dark cherry wood and contemporary gray minimalist designs, you have the wide selection to make everything your own. Our Koville cabinetry is also pre-assembled and easy to install, saving you time, money, and hassle. Our cabinetry is all wood construction with full overlay doors and a high-quality, multi-coat stain finish, so you can rest assured that your cabinets will last you for decades to come.

Choose a Premium Stone Vanity Top

The perfect finishing touch to any bathroom vanity is the vanity top. Stone countertops are by far the most popular choice since they provide organic beauty and impressive durability. Granite, marble, and quartz are some of the best options for bathroom remodels, and which one you choose is entirely dependant on your design and durability preferences. Granite is an extremely durable and water-resistant stone that offers a sophisticated and classical look to any stone vanity. Marble is the luxurious choice, providing an undeniable elegance and timeless beauty. However, natural marble is more susceptible to staining and scratches. Engineered marble such as Quarella marble offers enhanced durability and scratch-resistance, making it more suitable for use in bathrooms. Engineered marble also gives you more control over the finished product, so you can know exactly what your new stone vanities will look like before they’re ordered and installed. Finally, quartz offers the practicality of granite with the beauty of marble due to its superior engineering. Quartz is also extremely durable and waterproof, offering impressive functionality in a range of more than 35 contemporary colors and four different finishes. 

If you’ve assessed all of the factors above and you know what your perfect bathroom vanity looks like, stop by Best Cheer Stone. Our Dallas showroom has everything you need to create the perfect finish, from cabinetry to stone vanity tops. Our stone vanities bridge the gap between luxury and affordability, with hundreds of versatile design possibilities that can be customized to perfectly suit any home. Whether you have a small residential job or a massive commercial undertaking, Best Cheer Stone has the inventory to handle any stone vanity need.