Finding the Perfect Countertop to Match Your Kitchen

If you’re renovating your Dallas kitchen, you may be facing the common issue of deciding which countertop material will best match your design. If you’ve already chosen your flooring and your cabinets, you’ll then need to choose a stone countertop material that complements your choices. However, envisioning what will work in the space isn’t always easy for everyone. If you need help deciding what countertop will be perfect for your kitchen, read this convenient guide before ordering from your stone distributor.

For Dark Wood Cabinets

Dark wood cabinets are very versatile in that they can work for contemporary or traditional design schemes. The main deciding factor in what countertop will work best lies in the undertone of your cabinets. If your cabinets are a warm-toned dark wood, opt for a classic choice like granite. Granite will lend itself to a more traditional design and emphasize the warm tones throughout the space, creating a more inviting environment. If your dark wood cabinets are cool-toned, however, choose a more modern material such as quartz or marble. Create stunning contrast by choosing a white marble, or keep the room minimal by pairing your dark wood with a dark grey or black quartz.

For Cherry Cabinets

If your flooring and/or cabinets are made of cherry wood or mahogany, granite will finish your design off perfectly. Choose a granite countertop with warm, golden tones such as Oxford Gold or Lapidus, or opt for something like Emerald Pearl if you want a darker space that will create more ambiance.

For Light Wood Cabinets

Light wood cabinets have similar versatility to dark wood, but unlike dark wood, you run a high risk of making your kitchen look one-note and washed out if you choose the wrong countertop. Try to stay away from beige or golden countertop materials like some granites, as these could match too closely to your cabinetry and blend in. The key to achieving visual interest in a kitchen with light wood is contrast. One option is to incorporate stunning prefabricated marble countertops in a bright white. The white paired with the light wood will open up the space and make it more airy while still offering enough contrast between the two tones for strong visual appeal. Conversely, you can also choose a dark granite to achieve this contrasted effect. Where white marble or quartz will modernize the space, dark granite and light wood are a traditional pairing that offers a classic design that’s never dated. 

For Sleek, White Cabinets

If you have shiny white cabinets for a modern kitchen, the best countertop solution will be anything with a neutral color palette. Stay away from warm tones such as golden granites or marbles. Instead, choose whites, cool greys, and simple blacks. Avoid too much texture or speckling in your countertop material. If you choose prefabricated marble countertops, veining should be subtle and still within this neutral color family. Quartz is one of the best options for this cabinetry, as it is an affordable and highly durable material that instantly modernizes any design with its minimalistic finishes. 

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Marble Trends for 2020

Atlanta residents seeking luxury, elegance, and sophistication for their 2020 home renovations need not look further than marble stone. Marble stone products will instantaneously elevate any interior design, offering surprising durability and unparalleled beauty. If you’re looking for modern ways to incorporate marble into your Atlanta home, ask your stone distributor about these top marble trends for 2020. 

Veined Marble

Heavily veined marble is becoming increasingly popular in 2020 because it adds depth and visual interest to a room while maintaining the clean, contemporary appearance that makes marble so appealing. This veining can come in a range of colors and depths, making marble surprisingly versatile and perfect for most any aesthetic. Choose marble prefab countertops that have a subtle, light grey veining to achieve a clean, ultra-modern design. For something that works with a more traditional color palette, choose warm and golden veining that will complement wooden cabinets or flooring. 

Neutral Color Palette

Contemporary, minimalist designs have been a trend for years, and they’ll continue to be a trend for many more years to come. If you’re looking to incorporate marble into a modern design, choose a neutral color palette for the room and allow small decorations to serve as the pops of color. Sticking to white, grey, and black for your walls, flooring, and any permanent fixtures will instantly create a more contemporary look, even on a tight budget. When opting for a marble slab or prefabricated marble countertop, choose one in a white or grey tone with minimal veining. This will help open up the space, keeping it light, airy, and cohesive. 

Matching Floors & Countertops

One of the great things about marble is that it can be used in so many different ways. From walls to floors to countertops, marble can be used for virtually any surface. Using the same marble for your prefab countertops and flooring is a popular trend for bathrooms and kitchens in 2020, as it creates more cohesion within a room and opens up the space. It can also be more cost effective if you choose to purchase marble slabs and use them for various purposes rather than purchasing a prefabricated marble countertop. If you’re wondering what countertop will match your cabinets and marble flooring, ask your stone distributor about using that same marble for your counters!

Mix Marble & Wood

Many homeowners and contractors love using marble because it goes with virtually everything. It goes with white, it goes with grey, it goes with black, and it goes with wood! If the all-white marble stone design isn’t for you, another big 2020 trend is mixing marble with wood for a more natural and rustic look that still has sophistication. Pair light, cool-toned woods with white marble to create a spa-like bathroom or an airy kitchen. Pair black marble prefab countertops with dark or cherry wood for a more classic color scheme that still has a modern edge. Although many marble trends pair the material with other stone products, wood is a great complement to prefabricated marble countertops. 


If you’ve been inspired to incorporate prefabricated marble countertops or marble slabs into your home using a 2020 design trend, the next step is to find a trustworthy stone distributor with the product you need. Best Cheer Stone’s Atlanta showroom has dozens of varieties of marble available in a wide variety of colors and finishes. We boast an expansive inventory that can fulfill orders of almost any size, residential or commercial. If you’re looking for the perfect prefab countertops or marble tiles for your next project, look no further than Best Cheer Stone. Give us a call today at (404) 996-2178 to find out more or make an appointment to visit.