5 Modern Ways to Use Marble In Your Bathroom

Marble is guaranteed to bring an air of elegance and beauty to any room. Whether you opt for ultra-modern black marble or a light and airy white theme, you can completely transform your Anaheim bathroom by incorporating marble finishes from Best Cheer Stone. From sinks and vanity tops to walls and floors, it’s hard to go wrong with marble application in your bathroom. Here are five of our favorite ways to modernize a bathroom with luxury marble from Best Cheer Stone.

  1. Custom Marble Sink

Custom marble vanity tops and sink basins create a sleek and modern look that will elevate any bathroom renovation. Pair the marble material with a floating vanity design to open up the space and create a contemporary showpiece. Our marble slabs can be custom cut to create a marble vanity top of any shape or size. You can also get multiple pieces out of one slab, allowing you to create a matching vanity and end table or vanity and kitchen countertop. Whatever you choose to do with the endless possibilities, creating a custom sink from your marble wholesaler’s finest product is an easy way to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

  1. Marble Mosaic Shower Walls

Add visual interest to a glass shower while maintaining a minimal aesthetic by incorporating marble mosaic shower walls. When used as an accent wall, a marble mosaic will blend seamlessly while still standing out as a focal point of the room. BCS stone distributor offers a stunning White House Collection featuring the revolutionary Namib Fantasy marble and beloved Carrara Marble. From subway tiles and hexagons to basketweaves and florals, there’s a mosaic design to suit every Anaheim home.

  1. Matching Marble Vanity Tops & Flooring

Not everyone wants to cover every surface of their bathroom in marble. In addition to being a unique design preference, it can also be a costly choice that not everyone can afford. However, one easy way to capture the stunning visuals of marble finishings while keeping usage minimal is to pair a marble vanity top with your flooring. If marble on the walls is not to your taste, pair a white marble vanity or sink with that same white marble on the floors for a cohesive look that still leaves plenty of room for color and creativity. 

  1. Contrast Light & Dark Marble 

The all-white aesthetic is popular among homeowners and property developers with a marble bathroom, but a rising trend in marble design is contrasting light and dark color tones. Try mixing white marble walls and black marble flooring or placing white marble vanity tops against a black marble accent wall. Mixing colors in this way offers the same sleek and contemporary appeal of marble while adding more visual interest and edge than a traditional all-white design.

If you’re planning to renovate your Anaheim bathroom, consider incorporating marble finishings throughout the space. Best Cheer Stone is one of the country’s leading marble wholesalers, with several varieties of exclusive marble products that can’t be found anywhere else in the country. Enjoy the sublime Italian craftsmanship of Quarella marble or the remarkable durability of our African Collection Namib Fantasy marble. Whether you’re seeking marble slabs or prefabricated marble vanity tops, Best Cheer Stone is the only stone distributor you need to make all of your design dreams come true.