5 Ways Quartz Countertops Are Eco-Friendly

As an environmentally-conscious consumer, it can sometimes be difficult to find sustainable home finishings that are still luxurious and beautiful. You may feel like you’re limited in your options, but there are numerous countertop materials that are eco-friendly choices. Anaheim residents love Best Cheer Stone’s selection of quartz countertops because they are diverse, environmentally responsible, and visually stunning. 

  1. Made of Accessible Natural Stone

Quartz is considered an engineered, man-made stone, but it’s made up of natural stone quartz, polymers, and resins. Pure quartz is one of the most abundant natural resources on Earth, so it’s extremely accessible to people all over the globe at a minimal cost. Quartz can also be found in other stone materials such as granite or marble, so your quartz particles may even be recycled waste product from the mining of other stone materials. By recycling resources in this way, Best Cheer Stone and other manufacturers can ensure that quartz slabs remain an eco-friendly stone option for consumers.

  1. Quartz Has a Long Lifespan

When you purchase your stone countertop, you want to ensure that it will last for as long as possible. Not only does this save you money, but it also helps reduce your impact on the environment. Choosing a material with a long lifespan, such as quartz slabs, will make your household more sustainable. 

  1. Quartz Countertops Are Recyclable

Although quartz countertops are made to last a lifetime, you may still worry about what happens to the countertop once it’s finished serving its purpose inside the home. What happens if you decide to renovate again or you sell the house to someone who changes the design? Quartz is an excellent option for eco-conscious consumers because it’s completely recyclable. With this, you have peace of mind knowing that your waste generation is reduced. When the time comes to change up your countertop, talk to your contractor or local stone distributor about how to properly recycle your quartz countertop.

  1. There’s No Need for Toxic Cleaners

Another great benefit of quartz countertops is that they’re low maintenance and easy to clean. They never need to be re-sealed, unlike natural stone, and they can be quickly cleaned using mild soap and water. Not only is it not necessary for you to use toxic cleaners, but it’s actually recommended that you don’t. Eliminating your use of harmful chemicals with quartz countertops will help reduce your kitchen cleaning time and will make your household greener overall.

  1. Resistant to Pathogens

Quartz countertops are non-toxic and pathogen-resistant. Their non-toxic surface is completely nonporous, so the surface of the countertop won’t harbor any bacteria or other microorganisms. You don’t need to worry about mold, mildew, or other harmful substances growing in the stone. These benefits not only protect your family’s health, but it also helps protect the environment. 

If you’re searching for an eco-friendly and sustainable countertop solution for your Anaheim remodel, ask your contractor about quartz countertops. Here at Best Cheer Stone, we have dozens of premium varieties from exclusive lines such as BCS Quartz and Quarella quartz. With a wide variety of color options and finishes available, you’re guaranteed to find a product that matches your home’s design. To find out more about our product options, visit our Anaheim showroom with your contractor or contact us via our website.