A Guide to Prefabricated Countertops

Best Cheer Stone is one of the leading prefab distributors not only in Anaheim, but in North America. We have hundreds of prefab countertop variations that are guaranteed to suit any home. Whether you want granite, quartz, or marble; polished, honed, or leathered; bullnose or flat edge, we have a virtually endless combination of finishes to choose from that allows you to select from one of the largest prefab countertop inventories in the industry. Our prefabricated materials come in a wide range of standard sizes suited for countertops, vanity tops, bar tops, or peninsulas. If you’re considering a luxurious and affordable prefab stone countertop for your next renovation, keep in mind this comprehensive guide to prefabricated countertops. 

Stone Selection

The most crucial part of choosing a prefabricated countertop is choosing the stone material that gives you the look and maintenance level desired. Here at Best Cheer Stone, you can choose from granite, quartz, or marble prefab stone.

Granite is the most popular choice for prefab kitchen countertops. It comes in many unique colors and patterns due to its formation process, and each piece of granite is unique in its design. It adds a sophisticated and traditional look to any remodel, which is why it’s such a popular choice.

Quartz is another popular option for any room of the house. Quartz is favored for more contemporary design spaces due to its light coloring and more recent rise in popularity. Quartz countertops are extremely durable and waterproof since they’re engineered in our factories. This engineering results in a more controlled final product with superior quality to natural stone. This finely honed production process results in a versatile product that adds a luxurious finish to any room.

Marble is a less popular option due to its maintenance requirements, but new developments are allowing it to become more suitable for kitchen use. Our Namib Fantasy marble is an extremely innovative marble product that is one of very few marbles suitable for use as a kitchen countertop. Marble is an extremely luxurious choice, with a style that is associated with timeless sophistication and elegance. Choose engineered marble for enhanced durability and pattern consistency.


There are three main finishes that we offer for our prefabricated selections: polished, honed, and leather. Polished is the most classic finish. It’s associated with elegance and style, and it offers a highly reflective finish. A polished countertop will create a ‘wow’ factor and is guaranteed to make your countertop the main focal point of any room. Beautiful and eye-catching, a polished finish brings out the richness of your countertop’s color as well. As the least porous finish, a polished countertop is also easier to clean than other options, reducing maintenance requirements.

Another finish option is the honed finish, also known as a matte finish. The honed finish is eye-catching in its uniqueness and deviation from the design norm. There’s no sheen or reflective quality to your stone at all, making it a popular choice for contemporary designs. A matte finish also tends to hide imperfections such as scratches and nicks better than reflective finishes. However, the honed finish is more porous and therefore more likely to absorb stains.

The final finish type, leather, will give your stone countertop an ultra-natural look. It gives a textured finish with no reflect, similar to the honed finish. It’s great for rustic designs and contemporary homes. The leathered finishing process seals the pores in, so it’s hardwearing and stain-resistant more similarly to the polished finish. However, leather-finish stone materials need to be periodically cleaned with a microfiber cloth and appropriate cleaning agent in order to maintain its appearance.

Edge Detail

There are two primary edge detail types: bullnose and laminated flat edge. The bullnose edging gives the countertop a rounded edge. This softens any design, making it a timeless classic most commonly seen in traditional design schemes. The laminated flat edge is more often seen in contemporary designs due to its more harsh lines. It’s a simple, clean finish with a hard, chiseled edge. Depending on your renovated room’s design scheme, you may want to choose a prefabricated countertop option with one edge detail over another. Although it’s a small aspect of the countertop, it can drastically change the final look and tone.

Prefab countertops are an excellent way to save significant time and money during the renovation process while still receiving a luxurious and stylish end result. Best Cheer Stone is proud to be one of the nation’s largest distributors of prefabricated countertops, with premier quality and highly competitive pricing. To view our inventory and receive assistance in finding the perfect prefab countertop for your next project, visit our Anaheim showroom with your contractor. We have hundreds of premium options to choose from.