“The SURFACES Show home: Calibu Vineyard is a fully source-able and shop-able experience with the newest products on the market from the finest industry brands in the build space. Once inside the virtual experience, watch the video highlights from Jennifer Farrell to learn even more insights about the design of each room.”

Namib Fantasy Soft Quartzite 19-ft kitchen island

Bianchissimo Quarella Quartz Countertops

Bianchissimo Quarella Quartz Countertops – Prep Kitchen

Arctic White Quartz – Laundry Room

Yosemite Quartzite Countertops – Outdoor Kitchen

Perla Venata Quartzite – Living Room Steps

Namib Fantasy Soft Quartzite – Bar

Tour Guide Assist

Helpful tour hints.

To let the program tour you through the home, click on the exterior image, then hit play in the lower left hand corner.

When you see the Walking Symbol, click that to enter or re-enter the tour inside the home.

When you see a 360 symbol, that will take you to the exterior of the home to see a 360 tour of the outdoors. To return inside, click the walking symbol at a door.

Progress through the home by clicking the circles in the floor path or by click anywhere on the screen to jump to that space.

Purple circles are video previews to hear from Jennifer Farrell about the design and products in the space.

The green tags allow you to see the information about that product and the click a link to the brands website.