Namib Bianco NSI 2023 Stone of the Year

One of Best Cheer Stone, Inc.’s newest, most sought after stone, Namib Bianco white marble, was just nominated for NSI’s 2023 Stone of the Year!

Namib Bianco is an exquisite African marble material from our very own Best Cheer Stone quarry in Namibia, Africa. The crystalline white background emits subtle white and ivory toned veins spread and embedded throughout the stone. Namib Bianco is also a translucent material, making it an ideal choice for creating backlit natural stone projects for designers and architects.

Namib Bianco’s water absorption rate is 0.06%, with a 140 mpa compressive strength, 2870 kg/m3 density and 9.9 mpa flexural strength. Due to Namib Bianco’s low water absorption and higher density, this stone is easier to fabricate and more durable than your average white marble material. The one-of-a-kind and beautiful stone is suitable for both residential and commercial property installations

Care and maintenance for Namib Bianco:

  • Immediately clean up spills using a soft cloth or sponge
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners
  • Use a natural cleaner, mild liquid detergent, or stone soap diluted with warm water
  • Always use coasters and trivets with all natural stones

Best Cheer Stone Group owns 12 large factories in China and 2 stone factories in Namibia, utilizing the most up-to-date technology and eco-friendly machinery to set the standard in environmental production methods. The Group continuously seeks to maintain and improve safety procedures and compliance with regulations on water recycling and waste material handling.

Building the largest stone factory in Namibia, Africa, which produces a variety of exquisite natural stones to meet the global demand for homeowners and commercial builders, Best Cheer Stone’s vision is to lead and transform the stone industry by innovatively introducing Namibia as an international player in the world’s stone market. For over 7 years, Best Cheer Stone Group has been producing unique, exotic granite and marble extracted from our large and wide single quarry faces.

Our reputation is on every product we offer. We strive to offer the best quality product at competitive pricing.