Finding the Perfect Countertop to Match Your Kitchen

If you’re renovating your Dallas kitchen, you may be facing the common issue of deciding which countertop material will best match your design. If you’ve already chosen your flooring and your cabinets, you’ll then need to choose a stone countertop material that complements your choices. However, envisioning what will work in the space isn’t always easy for everyone. If you need help deciding what countertop will be perfect for your kitchen, read this convenient guide before ordering from your stone distributor.

For Dark Wood Cabinets

Dark wood cabinets are very versatile in that they can work for contemporary or traditional design schemes. The main deciding factor in what countertop will work best lies in the undertone of your cabinets. If your cabinets are a warm-toned dark wood, opt for a classic choice like granite. Granite will lend itself to a more traditional design and emphasize the warm tones throughout the space, creating a more inviting environment. If your dark wood cabinets are cool-toned, however, choose a more modern material such as quartz or marble. Create stunning contrast by choosing a white marble, or keep the room minimal by pairing your dark wood with a dark grey or black quartz.

For Cherry Cabinets

If your flooring and/or cabinets are made of cherry wood or mahogany, granite will finish your design off perfectly. Choose a granite countertop with warm, golden tones such as Oxford Gold or Lapidus, or opt for something like Emerald Pearl if you want a darker space that will create more ambiance.

For Light Wood Cabinets

Light wood cabinets have similar versatility to dark wood, but unlike dark wood, you run a high risk of making your kitchen look one-note and washed out if you choose the wrong countertop. Try to stay away from beige or golden countertop materials like some granites, as these could match too closely to your cabinetry and blend in. The key to achieving visual interest in a kitchen with light wood is contrast. One option is to incorporate stunning prefabricated marble countertops in a bright white. The white paired with the light wood will open up the space and make it more airy while still offering enough contrast between the two tones for strong visual appeal. Conversely, you can also choose a dark granite to achieve this contrasted effect. Where white marble or quartz will modernize the space, dark granite and light wood are a traditional pairing that offers a classic design that’s never dated. 

For Sleek, White Cabinets

If you have shiny white cabinets for a modern kitchen, the best countertop solution will be anything with a neutral color palette. Stay away from warm tones such as golden granites or marbles. Instead, choose whites, cool greys, and simple blacks. Avoid too much texture or speckling in your countertop material. If you choose prefabricated marble countertops, veining should be subtle and still within this neutral color family. Quartz is one of the best options for this cabinetry, as it is an affordable and highly durable material that instantly modernizes any design with its minimalistic finishes. 

If you’re ready to find the perfect countertop for your kitchen, call Best Cheer Stone. We are a worldwide leader in luxury stone products, embodying affordable excellence with our complete vertical integration and competitive pricing. We offer an incredible inventory of hundreds of different stones, both slab and prefab. If you’re searching for the ultimate stone distributor in Dallas, visit our Farmers Branch showroom with your contractor. Give us a call today at (469) 646-5886 to find out more or to schedule an appointment. 

Marble Trends for 2020

Atlanta residents seeking luxury, elegance, and sophistication for their 2020 home renovations need not look further than marble stone. Marble stone products will instantaneously elevate any interior design, offering surprising durability and unparalleled beauty. If you’re looking for modern ways to incorporate marble into your Atlanta home, ask your stone distributor about these top marble trends for 2020. 

Veined Marble

Heavily veined marble is becoming increasingly popular in 2020 because it adds depth and visual interest to a room while maintaining the clean, contemporary appearance that makes marble so appealing. This veining can come in a range of colors and depths, making marble surprisingly versatile and perfect for most any aesthetic. Choose marble prefab countertops that have a subtle, light grey veining to achieve a clean, ultra-modern design. For something that works with a more traditional color palette, choose warm and golden veining that will complement wooden cabinets or flooring. 

Neutral Color Palette

Contemporary, minimalist designs have been a trend for years, and they’ll continue to be a trend for many more years to come. If you’re looking to incorporate marble into a modern design, choose a neutral color palette for the room and allow small decorations to serve as the pops of color. Sticking to white, grey, and black for your walls, flooring, and any permanent fixtures will instantly create a more contemporary look, even on a tight budget. When opting for a marble slab or prefabricated marble countertop, choose one in a white or grey tone with minimal veining. This will help open up the space, keeping it light, airy, and cohesive. 

Matching Floors & Countertops

One of the great things about marble is that it can be used in so many different ways. From walls to floors to countertops, marble can be used for virtually any surface. Using the same marble for your prefab countertops and flooring is a popular trend for bathrooms and kitchens in 2020, as it creates more cohesion within a room and opens up the space. It can also be more cost effective if you choose to purchase marble slabs and use them for various purposes rather than purchasing a prefabricated marble countertop. If you’re wondering what countertop will match your cabinets and marble flooring, ask your stone distributor about using that same marble for your counters!

Mix Marble & Wood

Many homeowners and contractors love using marble because it goes with virtually everything. It goes with white, it goes with grey, it goes with black, and it goes with wood! If the all-white marble stone design isn’t for you, another big 2020 trend is mixing marble with wood for a more natural and rustic look that still has sophistication. Pair light, cool-toned woods with white marble to create a spa-like bathroom or an airy kitchen. Pair black marble prefab countertops with dark or cherry wood for a more classic color scheme that still has a modern edge. Although many marble trends pair the material with other stone products, wood is a great complement to prefabricated marble countertops. 


If you’ve been inspired to incorporate prefabricated marble countertops or marble slabs into your home using a 2020 design trend, the next step is to find a trustworthy stone distributor with the product you need. Best Cheer Stone’s Atlanta showroom has dozens of varieties of marble available in a wide variety of colors and finishes. We boast an expansive inventory that can fulfill orders of almost any size, residential or commercial. If you’re looking for the perfect prefab countertops or marble tiles for your next project, look no further than Best Cheer Stone. Give us a call today at (404) 996-2178 to find out more or make an appointment to visit.

The Pros & Cons of Quartz Countertops

Quartz stone has recently skyrocketed in popularity among Dallas residents due to its versatility, durability, and competitive pricing. However, while there are numerous benefits to quartz slabs, it may not be the right stone material for everyone. To better gauge whether quartz is right for you and your renovation, consider these pros and cons of quartz countertops. 


Since quartz is engineered, it comes in a wider variety of colors and finishes than natural stone options. Stone distributors often carry dozens of different variations of quartz that can range from sleek white to patterned golds. Quartz slabs can be customized to perfectly match any cabinet material, cabinet color, backsplash, or flooring. Quartz isn’t just versatile in appearance, either. It has incredible functionality thanks to its superior durability, so it can be used for floors and backsplashes as well as countertops. Its virtually limitless applications make it a wise financial investment and enable you to create a beautifully cohesive design throughout your home.


Quartz is beloved by homeowners and trade professionals alike for its extreme durability. Since it is engineered under intense heat and pressure, the final product is one that is virtually indestructible. Quartz is stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, crush-resistant, scorch-resistant, and waterproof. With proper care and maintenance, your quartz slabs can remain in near-perfect condition for decades to come, making them a great investment for any project.


Unlike other natural stone options, quartz countertops are extremely easy to care for. Whereas granite and marble need to be resealed regularly for proper care, quartz does not. It can also be cleaned quickly using mild soap and water rather than a specific cleaner or toxic chemicals. Quartz’s nonporous nature also makes it extremely easy to clean because it is resistant to stains. This also means that it won’t harbor viruses or bacteria, making your household just a little bit safer and more sanitary. For a low-maintenance option that doesn’t sacrifice luxury, talk to your stone distributor about quartz slabs.

Contemporary Appearance

One possible con of quartz countertops is its contemporary appearance. Although warmer tones and slabs with more marbling can be incorporated into a traditional design, quartz countertops are much more typically associated with contemporary finishes. If you’re seeking a more rustic and natural appearance for your renovation, materials such as granite and marble may be more suitable than quartz.

Potential Heat Damage

Although quartz is scorch-resistant, it can still be damaged by extreme heat or rapid temperature fluctuations. For this reason, quartz is not recommended for outdoor use. If you have an outdoor kitchen or bar area that you’re renovating, consider choosing an all-weather option such as granite for your finishing touches.

Quartz has many aesthetic and functional benefits that make it beloved by Dallas residents. If the pros of quartz countertops outweigh the cons for you, browse Best Cheer Stone’s range of more than 30 exclusive quartz products. We’re the leading stone distributor in the Dallas area, with an expansive inventory of international stone products available at highly competitive prices. To find out more or to choose a quartz slab for your project today, have your contractor call our Dallas showroom to make an appointment.

How to Achieve a Modern Kitchen on a Budget

It’s what everyone wants: something that looks expensive without actually being expensive. If you’re renovating your Atlanta home, odds are that you’re seeking a modern, luxury look at an affordable price. Although some people believe that contemporary styles are among the most costly, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you follow these key steps, you can achieve a modern kitchen on just about any budget.

Neutral Color Tones

One thing that all modern kitchens have in common is their neutral color palette. Sticking strictly to whites, grays, and blacks will help you achieve that monochromatic contemporary appearance. Pops of color should be reserved for accessories such as dishware or plants. When it comes to your cabinets, prefab countertops, and other finishes, stick to clean lines and neutral colors. Avoid warm tones such as golds and browns as well. Although some consider these to be neutral colors, they’re tones more associated with a traditional design palette. If you’re considering incorporating wood in your kitchen, make sure that it is cool-toned in order to maintain a modern look. 

Custom-Look Cabinetry

Customizing anything often makes it much more expensive than the prefabricated option. If you’re working with a tight budget, choosing custom-look prefab cabinetry such as Koville is a great way to achieve the functionality you need without breaking the bank. Best Cheer Stone’s exclusive line of Koville Cabinetry is pre-manufactured and ready-to-assemble, so it provides the ultimate in convenience as well as affordability. With hundreds of cabinet types in different sizes and finishes, Koville captures the essence of handcrafted, custom-built cabinetry without the accompanying custom price tag. For an ultra-modern design, we recommend Koville’s Charcoal Black, Grey Silver, or White Shaker.

Prefab Countertops

For homeowners on a budget, prefabricated countertops offer an affordable and convenient solution that allows you the same luxurious look and feel as slab materials. With pre-cut sizes in a wide range of beautiful colors and patterns, prefab countertops don’t sacrifice quality for the sake of convenience. Any stone material can suit a modern design if you choose the right color and pattern, but many homeowners love quartz counters for their contemporary kitchen. Quartz is highly durable and nonporous, making it ideal for kitchen use, and it comes in a range of minimal, neutral finishes. Marble is also a popular modern design choice, but it can be high maintenance for kitchen use. Engineered marbles such as Quarella marble or Best Cheer Stone’s revolutionary Namib Fantasy, however, are suitable for the kitchen and add elegance to any modern design.


If you love the look of a sleek, contemporary design but you have a strict budget to work with, there’s nothing to fear. Although modern designs can appear expensive, they can still be easily achieved on a budget using prefabricated solutions and careful color selection. Best Cheer Stone is perfect for achieving affordable luxury, because our complete vertical integration allows us to offer industry-leading stone products at factory-direct pricing. If you’d like to browse our vast stone inventory and exclusive line of Koville cabinetry, have your contractor make an appointment to visit our Atlanta showroom today.

Why Quartz Slabs Are Perfect for Your Home

Choosing the perfect countertop from your local Anaheim stone distributor can be an overwhelming task. First, there’s the material to consider: quartz, granite, marble, or something else entirely? Then, you have to decide between prefab or slab. And that’s not even considering all the different colors and finishes! If you’re trying to decide on the perfect countertop solution for your home, consider these factors to determine whether quartz slabs would be the ideal choice for you.

Easy Care & Maintenance

Quartz slabs are the perfect material for homeowners seeking a low-maintenance countertop solution. Nonporous and antimicrobial, quartz countertops are easy to clean with a simple combination of warm water and mild soap. Their nonporous nature means that they aren’t susceptible to permanent stains, and they never need to be re-sealed like natural stone options do. If you want the elegant, luxury finish of stone without the high maintenance requirements, ask your stone distributor about quartz slabs.

Versatile & Customizable

Homeowners and developers love quartz finishes because of their incredible versatility and customization. Quartz slabs come in a wide variety of colors and finishes that can perfectly match any interior design. Neutral, minimalistic quartz options can elevate any contemporary design, while warm tones and patterned pieces perfectly complement a traditional home. Slabs are ideal for projects that require customized finishes, as they can be cut to any desired shape or size. Quartz’s versatility also allows it to be used for floors, walls, and/or backsplashes, for a cohesive look throughout your kitchen or bathroom. 


Since it is an engineered stone, quartz is one of the most durable materials that stone distributors offer. Made of a mixture of ground quartz crystals and polyester resins, quartz slabs are made under extreme heat and pressure, so they can withstand just about anything you throw at it. They are highly scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, stain-resistant, and waterproof. Engineered and created through a finely honed production process, quartz slabs offer superior durability than natural stone selections.

Value for Money

Quartz slabs are a preferred choice because they have proven themselves to be a wise investment for any home. With the same average cost per foot as granite, the superior durability and lower maintenance requirements of quartz slabs make them a smarter choice overall. They offer greater value for money over other options from your stone distributor since they have a longer lifespan for an equal or lower cost. Quartz slabs can also be custom cut and utilized for more than one countertop space, giving you more for your money versus buying two separate prefab options. For example, one large quartz slab could be used for both a kitchen countertop and a vanity top, or a kitchen countertop and an island. The versatility and durability of quartz slabs make their value for money unrivalled by other natural stone options.


If you’re renovating your Anaheim home, ask your contractor about quartz slabs. Best Cheer Stone is one of the country’s leading stone distributors, offering dozens of luxury quartz varieties in a range of colors and finishes. We offer premier quality at a highly competitive price, so stop by our Anaheim showroom today to browse our expansive inventory of slab materials. 

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Debunking Common Myths About Granite Countertops

Granite is one of the most widely popular countertop materials for Dallas renovations due to its superior performance across a range of factors. From aesthetic appeal to durability, prefabricated granite countertops can elevate any kitchen or bathroom design with ease. However, there are a few myths about granite that may make some homeowners wary of utilizing it in their next remodel. In this blog, we’ll be debunking some of the most common myths about prefab granite countertops so you can be fully informed when visiting Best Cheer Stone or your local stone distributor. 

  1. Granite Is Difficult to Maintain

One concern we often hear from homeowners is that granite is difficult to maintain and clean. However, this isn’t as true as people think it is. While granite does require more extensive cleaning than some engineered stone materials like quartz, it’s still much more durable and low-maintenance than alternatives such as marble. Prefab granite countertops can be kept looking as good as new with just a quick wipe of warm water and soap. Sealing your granite can also help reduce the chance of stains and chips, significantly reducing your maintenance time and your worry. 

  1. All Granite Countertops Need Annual Resealing

Since granite needs to be sealed, it’s a common myth that choosing a granite countertop will obligate you to reseal your countertop each year. While some varieties of granite do need to be resealed every 12 months to remain in optimal shape, some exotic granite variations never need to be resealed at all! It is largely dependent on the specific granite product you choose.

  1. Granite Countertops Are Indestructible

Granite is beloved for its durability. Unlike more delicate stone products like marble or quartzite, granite is resistant to high heat, stains, chemicals, scratches, and more. However, this doesn’t mean that granite is entirely indestructible. Staining and scratching are possible, although these instances are rare. Exotic granite is also heat resistant, but the sealing can become damaged if you place hot cookware directly on your granite surface. Chipping and cracking are also possible if something hard hits the edge of your granite countertop at just the right angle. Although granite is an excellent, durable choice for your prefab countertop, it is still possible to damage it.

  1. Granite Countertops Are Extremely Expensive

Some new homeowners believe that granite is an extremely expensive countertop solution that is completely out of their price range. While granite stone is more expensive than budget options such as tile, the price of exotic granite countertops can vary widely depending on which product you choose. Choosing prefabricated granite countertops will be much more affordable than buying slabs, for example, and some stone distributors can offer competitive prices based on their production process. Here at Best Cheer Stone, we are uniquely positioned to offer incredibly affordable prefab granite countertops due to our vertical integration. We control every step of the process, from the quarry to the showroom, so we can eliminate the middleman markups that other stone distributors tack on. At Best Cheer Stone, you can find your dream exotic granite product at a highly competitive price. 

If you’re considering prefab granite countertops for your residential or commercial remodel in Dallas, consider Best Cheer Stone. Our stone products defy all of the common granite myths, offering enhanced durability and aesthetic appeal at remarkably affordable prices. Whether you want exotic granite from our African quarries or locally-sourced stone from North Carolina, Best Cheer Stone has the perfect finishing touch for any project. To find out more about our product selection, give our Dallas showroom a call today at (469) 646-5886.

Should You Choose Marble For Your Kitchen Countertop?

Many Atlanta homeowners love the appearance of marble in the kitchen because its elegant white tones welcome light into the space and make any kitchen appear large and airy. However, marble has a reputation for being high maintenance and generally poor for kitchen applications. Although it can be installed as a kitchen countertop, it will require more consideration and commitment to maintenance than other types of stone. Here are a few factors to consider before deciding whether you want to invest in prefabricated marble countertops.

Is Marble Susceptible to Stains?

Marble is a porous stone, which means that it can stain. Any liquid spilled on the counter can sink into the pores of the material and set into a stain that is difficult or impossible to remove. However, you can prevent staining by making sure that you seal your marble. If your marble is sealed well, even nuisances like wine and tomato sauce can wipe up easily. 

Is Marble Too Soft for Kitchens?

One of the most popular stone options for kitchen applications is prefab granite countertops because they are an extremely durable stone type. Some homeowners are hesitant to consider marble counters because they are the softest of all of our stone products. This relative softness makes them more susceptible to scratches over time. However, you can prevent excessive scratch marks by choosing honed marble over polished marble and making sure to reseal your stone annually. If the proper steps are taken, prefabricated marble countertops can work wonderfully in the kitchen.

Is Marble Too Expensive?

Another reason that some homeowners don’t consider marble for their prefab countertops is because they’re afraid it’s too expensive. While this is entirely personal and dependent on your budget, many Best Cheer Stone customers are shocked at how affordable some marble varieties can be. The price can vary depending on the style, color, finish, and whether the stone is natural or engineered. If you’re willing to compromise on any of these qualities, you’ll very likely be able to find a marble countertop that suits your budget and style. 

Is Marble Too Difficult to Maintain?

Prefabricated marble countertops certainly require maintenance more regularly than something like prefab granite countertops, but the maintenance itself is relatively easy. A marble countertop can be quickly cleaned with a combination of warm water and dish soap. There’s no need for any specific, abrasive cleaners. Even the most stubborn of stains can often be removed with a mixture of baking soda and water. As long as you are willing to put in the time to clean your countertop often, the process of cleaning it is a relatively painless one. 

If you’re looking for the perfect marble countertop for your Atlanta kitchen remodel, stop by Best Cheer Stone & Cabinets. We offer dozens of exclusive marble products, including the innovative Namib Fantasy. Our one-of-a-kind Namib Fantasy stone has an exponentially lower water absorption rate than the average marble stone product, which makes it highly stain-resistant and perfect for kitchen use. It is also highly durable and resistant to breaking or crushing, with durability testing results more similar to granite countertops than other marble products. We also offer the unparalleled Italian craftsmanship of Quarella marble, exclusively found only at Best Cheer Stone. For the best marble countertop selection in Atlanta, call Best Cheer Stone at (404) 996-2178 today.

5 Modern Ways to Use Marble In Your Bathroom

Marble is guaranteed to bring an air of elegance and beauty to any room. Whether you opt for ultra-modern black marble or a light and airy white theme, you can completely transform your Anaheim bathroom by incorporating marble finishes from Best Cheer Stone. From sinks and vanity tops to walls and floors, it’s hard to go wrong with marble application in your bathroom. Here are five of our favorite ways to modernize a bathroom with luxury marble from Best Cheer Stone.

  1. Custom Marble Sink

Custom marble vanity tops and sink basins create a sleek and modern look that will elevate any bathroom renovation. Pair the marble material with a floating vanity design to open up the space and create a contemporary showpiece. Our marble slabs can be custom cut to create a marble vanity top of any shape or size. You can also get multiple pieces out of one slab, allowing you to create a matching vanity and end table or vanity and kitchen countertop. Whatever you choose to do with the endless possibilities, creating a custom sink from your marble wholesaler’s finest product is an easy way to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

  1. Marble Mosaic Shower Walls

Add visual interest to a glass shower while maintaining a minimal aesthetic by incorporating marble mosaic shower walls. When used as an accent wall, a marble mosaic will blend seamlessly while still standing out as a focal point of the room. BCS stone distributor offers a stunning White House Collection featuring the revolutionary Namib Fantasy marble and beloved Carrara Marble. From subway tiles and hexagons to basketweaves and florals, there’s a mosaic design to suit every Anaheim home.

  1. Matching Marble Vanity Tops & Flooring

Not everyone wants to cover every surface of their bathroom in marble. In addition to being a unique design preference, it can also be a costly choice that not everyone can afford. However, one easy way to capture the stunning visuals of marble finishings while keeping usage minimal is to pair a marble vanity top with your flooring. If marble on the walls is not to your taste, pair a white marble vanity or sink with that same white marble on the floors for a cohesive look that still leaves plenty of room for color and creativity. 

  1. Contrast Light & Dark Marble 

The all-white aesthetic is popular among homeowners and property developers with a marble bathroom, but a rising trend in marble design is contrasting light and dark color tones. Try mixing white marble walls and black marble flooring or placing white marble vanity tops against a black marble accent wall. Mixing colors in this way offers the same sleek and contemporary appeal of marble while adding more visual interest and edge than a traditional all-white design.

If you’re planning to renovate your Anaheim bathroom, consider incorporating marble finishings throughout the space. Best Cheer Stone is one of the country’s leading marble wholesalers, with several varieties of exclusive marble products that can’t be found anywhere else in the country. Enjoy the sublime Italian craftsmanship of Quarella marble or the remarkable durability of our African Collection Namib Fantasy marble. Whether you’re seeking marble slabs or prefabricated marble vanity tops, Best Cheer Stone is the only stone distributor you need to make all of your design dreams come true. 

Which Prefabricated Countertop Is Right For You?

Many homeowners prefer prefabricated countertops because they’re an affordable and convenient solution that allow you the same luxurious look and feel as slab materials. With pre-cut sizes in a wide range of beautiful colors and patterns, prefabricated countertops don’t sacrifice quality for the sake of convenience. Whether you want to prioritize appearance, convenience, or durability, there’s a prefab stone countertop solution for everyone. Best Cheer Stone Atlanta is the only stone distributor you need for a prefab countertop that perfectly suits your home. 

Prefabricated Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are far and away the most popular countertop material for Atlanta family homes. Granite is an understated and classic choice that works with any traditional home design. It comes in a wide range of colors, from light neutrals to rich tones and exotic patterns. Granite is also incredibly popular because it’s low-maintenance and will last for decades to come. It’s highly heat and scratch-resistant, and it’s unaffected by harsh chemicals. It doesn’t require regular maintenance, and it’s easy to clean. If your home has kids, or if you generally want a no-fuss option that still offers a sophisticated appearance, prefabricated granite countertops are the perfect choice for you. 

Prefabricated Marble Countertops

For those searching for an extra touch of luxury and elegance, prefabricated marble countertops are the ideal option. Marble is perfect for those who want a clean, luxurious aesthetic to their kitchen or bathroom. It’s not a low-maintenance choice, but if you maintain your countertop well, it will enhance your home’s design for years to come. It’s also highly heat resistant, so hot tools or cooking utensils won’t damage it. Best Cheer Stone’s exclusive, innovative Namib Fantasy marble is also uniquely suitable for kitchen use thanks to its water resistance and enhanced durability. If you’re aiming to make your home a design showpiece, prefabricated marble countertops will achieve that with ease.

Prefabricated Quartz Countertops

For those seeking the perfect compromise between aesthetics and practicality, prefabricated quartz is the way to go. Quartz is an engineered material, so it’s incredibly durable and easy to maintain. It’s stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and doesn’t require sealing. It comes in a wide variety of color options and finishes, so you can find a prefabricated quartz countertop that matches any design style. Quartz is sleek and perfect for contemporary homes, but it can enhance traditional home designs as well. For the best all-around prefab stone option, choose quartz countertops. 

No matter which stone countertop you choose, Best Cheer Stone’s Atlanta showroom has a vast inventory of hundreds of the market’s leading granite, quartz, and marble countertops. Whether you want an affordable and easy-to-install prefab option or a customizable stone slab, our design experts will work with you and your contractor to find the perfect product option for you. To make an appointment or find out more about Best Cheer Stone, give us a call today at (404) 996-1278. We’d love to hear from you!