BCS is a wholesale distributor, but we welcome homeowners to our showroom to experience all of our available products. The showroom is key to the material selection process as we have hundreds of stone colors as well as full kitchen cabinet displays available to help you visualize your remodel. For your convenience, BCS also carries flooring, backsplash, sinks, faucets, and more – truly making it a one-stop-shop for any interior renovation.

Below is a step-by-step guide of what to do before and after your visit with us at BCS!


Before your visit

Before you stop by the Best Cheer Stone showroom, speak with your contractor to determine exactly what you’re looking for and what you’ll need for your chosen stone material.



Your contractor will take measurements of your project area prior to visiting. Accurate measurements are crucial for obtaining a stone product that fits your space. Download and print our material checklist before your showroom visit!


Product Type

Determining product type is a personal preference. Discuss with your contractor which material is best for your design and lifestyle.


Visiting the showroom

Once you and your contractor have obtained all of the necessary measurements and have a product type in mind, it’s time to visit the BCS showroom and select your product!


Bring your contractor

Your contractor will have all the details and specs surrounding your project, so they’ll be able to help you navigate the showroom more easily. In addition, all pricing inquiries MUST be done through your contractor, so it’s convenient to have them with you when you visit.


Material Selection

Once you arrive, you and your contractor will be connected with a salesperson who will escort you through the warehouse and assist you in choosing your dream stone.


Your Job is Done

Once your material is selected, notify your contractor so that they can pay for your selected material promptly. Remember that material can only be held for five days without payment; with payment, your material will be held for a maximum of 15 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, no. Handling stone and cabinets can be a complex procedure and BCS wants you to receive the highest quality of products and sometimes that means leaving it to the experts.

Since BCS is strictly a wholesale distributer, the professional you are working with is responsible for providing you with all your pricing. We understand this can be frustrating after having been able to visit the showroom and select your material, but we only offer these services as a way to help you visualize and select the material going directly into your home. 

Appointments are not required but we always recommend them. Call us today to speak to a stone specialist or a cabinet designer. 

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our business, we do not have a referral program.

BCS prides itself on maintaining the highest OSHA safety requirements for all staff and customers. For all customers, we do require company-provided safety hard hats while in the warehouse. Please be aware that NO CHILDREN OR PETS ARE ALLOWED IN THE WAREHOUSE for safety reasons. Please make proper accommodations prior to your visit.

Material must be paid within five calendar days of placing it on hold to avoid it returning to general stock systematically. Once material is paid, BCS can hold the material for up to 15 days before it gets returned to general stock and payment is credited to the professional’s BCS account. 

Natural stone, including granite, marble and quartzite, is naturally occurring from the earth and quartz is created and engineered by people. Each material has different properties from maintenance and hardness so we recommend speaking to the professional working on your project on what is best suited for your lifestyle. 

All claims must be done through the professional as they are the direct customer of BCS. Please have them reach out to us and we will try to remedy the situation as applicable. 

Please be aware that once material is altered from the original purchased state, being fabrication, installation, etc., it will not be eligible for a claim.  The in-trade professional reviews, approves, and signs-off on material upon pick-up.  We highly recommend reviewing your material with your contractor in full PRIOR to any alterations.

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