How Namib Fantasy is Revolutionizing Kitchen Marble

While the look of marble is becoming an increasingly popular trend for contemporary kitchen renovations, homeowners often opt for a marble-look quartz over authentic marble countertops. Despite its clean and airy appearance, marble has always been a less popular option for kitchens than granite or quartz since it tends to be less durable and more porous, making it prone to scratching and staining. However, Best Cheer Stone’s Namib Fantasy marble is changing all of that. Your kitchen sees a lot of activity, and durability is a high priority to consider when choosing a material for your kitchen countertops. With Namib Fantasy, you can have the durability of granite or quartz with the unreplicated appearance of authentic luxury marble.

What makes Namib Fantasy different

The most significant detriment of a marble countertop is that marble is more porous than stones such as granite or quartz, so it absorbs liquids more easily. This means that if oil, wine, juice, or any other colored liquid is spilled, it will penetrate the stone and likely stain. Often, these stains can be tough, if not impossible, to remove. However, Namib Fantasy has an exponentially lower water absorption rate than the average marble stone product. It is highly stain-resistant, making it the perfect material for kitchen countertops.

In repeated laboratory studies, it was found that Best Cheer Stone’s Namib Fantasy has an average water absorption rate of 0.03 percent. The average absorption rate for marble products is 0.20 percent, meaning that Best Cheer Stone’s product is 85 percent less absorbent than other marble products on the market. Namib Fantasy’s incredible figure of 0.03 percent is even lower than the average water absorption rate for granite materials; it is even within the average range for engineered quartz slabs. This lower absorption makes it highly stain-resistant, so you can move about your kitchen without worrying about constant spills and stains.

Namib Fantasy’s remarkable durability

It is also highly durable and resistant to breaking or crushing, unlike most marble. A compressive strength test is just one of several tests conducted to determine a stone’s durability. Compressive strength is a measure of the resistance a material has to heavy loads. It is essentially a measure of how much weight it can bear – from people, furniture, and other objects – without crushing. The required minimum compressive strength for marble products is 1,800 psi. Best Cheer Stone’s Namib Fantasy, however, was found to have a compressive strength of more than 27,000 psi on average. A 2” x 2” x 2” sample could withstand a load of over 100,000 pounds before crushing, making it extremely durable.

If you love the look of authentic marble but have been hesitant to install it in your kitchen due to its relative fragility compared to other stone options, Namib Fantasy is the perfect solution. Namib Fantasy is set to revolutionize kitchen marble with its remarkably low water absorption rate and high durability. Its white, polished finish makes it the perfect choice for any contemporary kitchen renovation and will fill any room with light. To find out more about our African Collection and other available marble varieties, fill out our online contact form or visit one of our five Best Cheer Stone showrooms across the country.