How to Achieve a Modern Kitchen on a Budget

It’s what everyone wants: something that looks expensive without actually being expensive. If you’re renovating your Atlanta home, odds are that you’re seeking a modern, luxury look at an affordable price. Although some people believe that contemporary styles are among the most costly, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you follow these key steps, you can achieve a modern kitchen on just about any budget.

Neutral Color Tones

One thing that all modern kitchens have in common is their neutral color palette. Sticking strictly to whites, grays, and blacks will help you achieve that monochromatic contemporary appearance. Pops of color should be reserved for accessories such as dishware or plants. When it comes to your cabinets, prefab countertops, and other finishes, stick to clean lines and neutral colors. Avoid warm tones such as golds and browns as well. Although some consider these to be neutral colors, they’re tones more associated with a traditional design palette. If you’re considering incorporating wood in your kitchen, make sure that it is cool-toned in order to maintain a modern look. 

Custom-Look Cabinetry

Customizing anything often makes it much more expensive than the prefabricated option. If you’re working with a tight budget, choosing custom-look prefab cabinetry such as Koville is a great way to achieve the functionality you need without breaking the bank. Best Cheer Stone’s exclusive line of Koville Cabinetry is pre-manufactured and ready-to-assemble, so it provides the ultimate in convenience as well as affordability. With hundreds of cabinet types in different sizes and finishes, Koville captures the essence of handcrafted, custom-built cabinetry without the accompanying custom price tag. For an ultra-modern design, we recommend Koville’s Charcoal Black, Grey Silver, or White Shaker.

Prefab Countertops

For homeowners on a budget, prefabricated countertops offer an affordable and convenient solution that allows you the same luxurious look and feel as slab materials. With pre-cut sizes in a wide range of beautiful colors and patterns, prefab countertops don’t sacrifice quality for the sake of convenience. Any stone material can suit a modern design if you choose the right color and pattern, but many homeowners love quartz counters for their contemporary kitchen. Quartz is highly durable and nonporous, making it ideal for kitchen use, and it comes in a range of minimal, neutral finishes. Marble is also a popular modern design choice, but it can be high maintenance for kitchen use. Engineered marbles such as Quarella marble or Best Cheer Stone’s revolutionary Namib Fantasy, however, are suitable for the kitchen and add elegance to any modern design.


If you love the look of a sleek, contemporary design but you have a strict budget to work with, there’s nothing to fear. Although modern designs can appear expensive, they can still be easily achieved on a budget using prefabricated solutions and careful color selection. Best Cheer Stone is perfect for achieving affordable luxury, because our complete vertical integration allows us to offer industry-leading stone products at factory-direct pricing. If you’d like to browse our vast stone inventory and exclusive line of Koville cabinetry, have your contractor make an appointment to visit our Atlanta showroom today.