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Customize your home’s design with unique, handcrafted mosaic selections that guarantee you a one-of-a-kind result.

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Create dynamic movement and interest with versatile mosaics that will elevate your interior and bring your home to life.

Our exclusive White House mosaic collection includes two of our most popular stones, Namib Fantasy and Carrara Marble. Both products come in a range of dynamic designs, including subway tiles, floral patterns, and basketweaves, so you can find the perfect finishing touch for any aesthetic

Available Styles

MFM 101T

NFM 615P

NFM 603P

NFM 541P

NFM 517P

NFM 405P

NFM 212P

NFM 002P

For Inspiration

NFM 021HLS (P/S) | Whitehouse Collection

NFM 053P (T) | Whitehouse Collection

NFM 017T (P) | Whitehouse Collection

NFM 052P(T) | Whitehouse Collection

NFM 005T(P) | Whitehouse Collection

NFM 721P | Whitehouse Collection

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