Should You Choose Marble For Your Kitchen Countertop?

Many Atlanta homeowners love the appearance of marble in the kitchen because its elegant white tones welcome light into the space and make any kitchen appear large and airy. However, marble has a reputation for being high maintenance and generally poor for kitchen applications. Although it can be installed as a kitchen countertop, it will require more consideration and commitment to maintenance than other types of stone. Here are a few factors to consider before deciding whether you want to invest in prefabricated marble countertops.

Is Marble Susceptible to Stains?

Marble is a porous stone, which means that it can stain. Any liquid spilled on the counter can sink into the pores of the material and set into a stain that is difficult or impossible to remove. However, you can prevent staining by making sure that you seal your marble. If your marble is sealed well, even nuisances like wine and tomato sauce can wipe up easily. 

Is Marble Too Soft for Kitchens?

One of the most popular stone options for kitchen applications is prefab granite countertops because they are an extremely durable stone type. Some homeowners are hesitant to consider marble counters because they are the softest of all of our stone products. This relative softness makes them more susceptible to scratches over time. However, you can prevent excessive scratch marks by choosing honed marble over polished marble and making sure to reseal your stone annually. If the proper steps are taken, prefabricated marble countertops can work wonderfully in the kitchen.

Is Marble Too Expensive?

Another reason that some homeowners don’t consider marble for their prefab countertops is because they’re afraid it’s too expensive. While this is entirely personal and dependent on your budget, many Best Cheer Stone customers are shocked at how affordable some marble varieties can be. The price can vary depending on the style, color, finish, and whether the stone is natural or engineered. If you’re willing to compromise on any of these qualities, you’ll very likely be able to find a marble countertop that suits your budget and style. 

Is Marble Too Difficult to Maintain?

Prefabricated marble countertops certainly require maintenance more regularly than something like prefab granite countertops, but the maintenance itself is relatively easy. A marble countertop can be quickly cleaned with a combination of warm water and dish soap. There’s no need for any specific, abrasive cleaners. Even the most stubborn of stains can often be removed with a mixture of baking soda and water. As long as you are willing to put in the time to clean your countertop often, the process of cleaning it is a relatively painless one. 

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