Supporting Factories

Production with Responsibility

Best Cheer Stone owns 11 large factories in China, one quartz factory in China, and our stone processing facility in Namibia. In every one of these facilities, we utilize the most up-to-date technology, setting the standard in Eco-friendly production methods. Best Cheer Stone uses the greenest machinery available and actively seeks the safest procedures to recycle water and waste material.

Nambia, Africa

Production of Block, Slabs, & Mosaics

Best Cheer Stone is leading the industry in innovation by bringing Namibia’s stone into the world arena. Namibia produces a variety of exquisite natural stones that meet the global demand for homeowners and commercial builders. Best Cheer Stone’s vision is to transform the stone industry by introducing Namibia as an international player in the world’s stone market.
While helping to build local infrastructure, Best Cheer Stone is providing more than 600 long-term jobs to the local community. By providing education and training, Best Cheer Stone is contributing to strengthening and sustaining the local community.


Quartz Production Factory

Best Cheer Stone Quartz products are manufactured with the latest advanced machinery. Our high-performance compactor provides a density average of 2.45 ton/m3. This advanced process prevents air and contaminants from infiltrating the stone; resulting in a dense and durable product.
With a high purity of 90-93% natural quartz, our Best Cheer Stone Quartz products provide consistent hardness, durability, and extraordinary color. Our polishing process provides scratch resistance and prevents fading.
Best Cheer Stone maintains exceptional production standards calibrating our slabs within +/- 0.3mm thickness.
Mass production enables consistency in color and pattern, making Best Cheer Stone Quartz an ideal choice for large-scale projects.

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