Why You Should Choose Slab for Your Granite Countertop

Granite is one of the most sought-after countertop materials for Atlanta residents due to its durability, beauty, and easy maintenance. Granite is an investment that can last forever if it’s taken care of properly, which is why you always want to make sure that the countertop you’re choosing is of the highest quality and suits your needs perfectly. While prefabricated countertops can be a good option for some due to their affordability, they are very limited in their size and design possibilities. For a perfect fit in your forever home, choose slabs over prefab for your granite countertop.

Bigger Sizes

One of the primary reasons that homeowners and contractors choose granite slabs is because of the greater range of sizing. Prefabricated pieces only come in industry-standard sizes, so if your counters fall outside of these exact dimensions, slabs will be the way to go. Slabs also allow you to have fewer seams on your countertop, creating a more aesthetically pleasing finish. With prefab granite, multiple pieces that are cut and seamed together can create an eyesore, and you will likely have mismatched designs where the seam is. However, cutting a custom countertop from a granite slab will allow you to have a seamless finish that is precisely tailored to your kitchen or bathroom.

Greater Customization

Not only do granite slabs allow you more sizing options, but they also provide you with more options for colors and edging as well. Most prefabricated countertops come with a bullnose edge detail, limiting your possibilities in achieving your desired look. With granite slabs, your contractor can provide you with the exact edge detail you desire, whether that’s a bullnose, bevel, square, or anything else. You also have a greater range of colors available to you when you choose from slab materials. The number of stone products available in prefab is going to be significantly less than those available in slabs, even if prefab inventory is extensive. The best way to guarantee that every detail of your home is exactly the way you like it is to take advantage of the greater customization options available through granite slabs. 

Get Two for One

Even if large countertops are not your primary concern, granite slabs can be advantageous because they allow you to potentially get two countertops from one slab. With granite slabs, you can cut a countertop and a vanity from one stone, creating a perfectly cohesive design across both home finishings. Although prefab is known for its affordability, utilizing slabs in this way can make them an economical choice that gives you more bang for your buck. Speak to your contractor about this possibility and how you can cut your slab to create more than one countertop.

From specific seam placement to customized dimensions, slabs offer you greater control over the finished product than prefabricated options. The exceptional quality and unparalleled versatility of granite slabs make them the obvious choice for those seeking a premier stone countertop solution for their kitchen or bathroom renovation. As the nation’s largest vertically-integrated stone manufacturer and distributor, Best Cheer Stone’s inventory is a cut above the rest and guaranteed to find you your perfect match. If you would like to browse our inventory or find out more about stone slabs, stop by our showrooms in Atlanta and throughout the country or give us a call at (404) 996-2178.