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Best Cheer Stone has 7 distribution centers spanning both coasts of the United States and boasts the ability to provide material to anywhere in North America – no matter the size of your project. Along with the incredible support of our factories in China and Namibia, Best Cheer Stone can also send containers of material direct to your stores or project sites. Our priority is to make the process as quick and hassle-free as possible for all our clients. For exceptional luxury stone products that are easily accessible throughout the North American region, contact us today!

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Unfortunately, no. Handling stone and cabinets can be a complex procedure and BCS wants you to receive the highest quality of products and sometimes that means leaving it to the experts.

BCS gladly allows and welcomes you to visit the showroom and select your material. we offer these services as a way to help you visualize and select the material going directly into your home, but as bcs is strictly a wholesale distributor, the professional contractor you are working with is responsible for providing you with pricing for all your materials.

Appointments are not required but we always recommend them. Call us today to speak to a stone specialist or a cabinet designer.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our business, we do not have a referral program.

BCS prides itself on maintaining the highest OSHA safety requirements for all staff and customers. For all customers, we do require company-provided safety hard hats while in the warehouse. Please be aware that NO CHILDREN OR PETS ARE ALLOWED IN THE WAREHOUSE for safety reasons. Please make proper accommodations prior to your visit.

Material must be paid within five calendar days of placing it on hold to avoid its returning to general stock in our warehouse system default. Once material is paid, BCS can then hold the material for up to 15 days before it gets returned to general stock and payment is credited back to the professional contractor’s BCS account.

Natural stone, including granite, marble and quartzite, is naturally occurring from the earth, whereas quartz is created and engineered. Each material has different properties from maintenance and hardness so we recommend speaking to the professional working on your project on what is best suited for your lifestyle.

All claims must be done through the professional contractors as they are the direct customers of BCS. Please have them reach out to us and we will try to remedy the situation as applicable.


Please be aware that once material is altered from the original purchased state, being fabrication, installation, etc., it will not be eligible for a claim. The in-trade professional reviews, approves, and signs-off on material upon pick-up. We highly recommend reviewing your material with your contractor in full PRIOR to any alterations.

Company Values

Exemplary Craftsmanship through 29 Years of Expertise:

  • We pride ourselves on 29 years of unparalleled experience in the stone industry, continually striving for excellence in craftsmanship and product quality.

Unwavering Commitment to Customer and Employee Well-being:

  • Our dedication extends beyond stone; we care deeply for both our customers and employees, ensuring a safe, nurturing environment that promotes growth, satisfaction, and a sense of family.

Attention to Detail is Our Keystone:

  • At Best Cheer Stone, we consider every detail vital. Our obsession with precision and meticulous attention to detail are ingrained in our culture, ensuring that our products and services exceed expectations.

No Project Too Big or Too Small – We Value Every Endeavor:

  • Whether it’s a grand architectural project or a small residential renovation, we approach each venture with the same enthusiasm and commitment, delivering exceptional results tailored to the unique needs of our customers.

Ethical, Sustainable, and Responsible Practices:

  • We operate ethically and responsibly, upholding the highest standards of integrity in every aspect of our business. Sustainability is a core value, and we continuously strive to minimize our environmental footprint through eco-friendly practices.

Continuous Learning and Innovation:

  • We foster a culture of continuous learning and innovation, encouraging our team to stay at the forefront of the industry’s advancements. This enables us to offer cutting-edge solutions to our customers and evolve with changing market dynamics.

Transparent Communication and Open Collaboration:

  • Open communication and collaboration are the cornerstones of our success. We encourage transparency at all levels, fostering an environment where ideas are shared freely, and collaboration amplifies our collective achievements.

Customer-Centric Approach:

  • Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We listen, understand, and anticipate their needs, working diligently to provide solutions that exceed their expectations and create lasting relationships built on trust and satisfaction.

Empowering and Encouraging Growth:

  • We empower our employees to excel and grow both personally and professionally. We invest in their development, recognizing that their success is the foundation of our company’s success.

Community Involvement and Social Responsibility:

  • Best Cheer Stone is committed to giving back to the community that has supported us for nearly three decades. We engage in meaningful community initiatives and support causes that enhance the lives of those around us.

These values embody the essence of Best Cheer Stone, reflecting our rich history, dedication to excellence, and unwavering commitment to our employees and customers alike.

Social media Reviews

Tim W.
Tim W.
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"After visiting 3 other places I'm glad we found Best Cheer!
It seems like most fabricators told us to go to MSI. We spend 3 visits there all with horrid customer service. We were frustrated each time we left there.Best Cheer was much better!

#1 - they are busy. Everyone and their mother is remodeling their house right now.
#2 - don't be a rude, impatient a-hole.
#3 - make an appointment if you are impatient

We had a great experience here. They have a huge showroom and lots to see! Relax and don't be so uptight. I saw so many uptight people there. It would be so hard to work here and deal with the customers I saw there!

We worked with Crystal and she was knowledgeable, friendly and took the time to help us out. After we picked out our quartz slab we discovered we needed 2 book matched pieces for our peninsula and waterfall. She helped us find the colors that offered this option. She was great to work with and I recommend you ask for her!!

They will not give you prices so find your fabricator before you go to pick out your stone/ quartz. If your fabricator works with them it makes the whole process easier. Message me if you need a great quartz fabricator!!

Our quartz came out great and I just wish we went here first and not wasted time at 3 other places!!"
Michelle B.
Michelle B.
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"This review is solely for our experience and excellent customer service provided by Kika on two separate occasions.

On our first visit to BCS, Kika patiently turned many slabs of granite as we perused the voluminous warehouse. We chose our slab & it was tagged for our contractor.

After several weeks of deliberation, we decided to go with a different cabinet color & needed to make sure our slab choice would work. We returned to BCS once again and asked for Kika's assistance. She recognized us & remembered the name of the granite we had chose & where it was located.

Kika is well educated about the different types of slabs. She is extremely patient and very generous with her time spent helping you with your choice. She is an example of the customer service that we all miss and that is sadly going by the way side. Thank you once again Kika for giving up your lunch time to help us!"
Michele Finn
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"My experience here was fantastic! My contractor sent me here to choose my cabinets and granite. Things are displayed so well and it's a great place to wander and just look at everything and take your time deciding...

Debbie was an incredible help to me and took a lot of time to explain things and stay with me and help me with design choices..."
Rudy Licerio
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"Working with Maria Hospedales, our sales representative has been a pleasure.

About ten years ago she helped us pick countertops for a bathroom remodel. Turned out great. She has been instrumental in our current kitchen remodel. Her knowledge of the many variety of stone, kitchen design and BCS vast inventory has saved us many hours of searching and heightened our peace of mind during the crazy remodel process."


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Its headquarters is in Washington, DC, with approximately 200 employees and 300 local chapters.

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